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Explain it to me and I will forget it, show it to me and I may remember it, involve me and I will learn it. Benjamin Franklin
Product Management


Changing the classic sales or commercial approach to a digital product is complex.

Having a well-prepared product area aligned with the rest of the company is key in the digital economy.

Not all companies that develop digital products have made the necessary organizational transformation for this area to succeed. It is also an area with many leaders (Director of Product Management, VP Product, Chief Product Officer) and multiple relationships with other areas of the company.

With all our experience, we work on three main focuses:

  1. Articulate the digital product area, with the aim of transforming a traditional organization into a product one and gaining competitiveness in the market.
  2. Establish the vision and product strategy, from the ideation of the product, through the creation of the MVP to the Go-to-Market. We help you take the right direction to develop a new product or functionality.
  3. Integration of an interim expert person in your team, incorporating experience and knowledge at key moments in the development of the digital product. We bring you the product experience together with the Lean, Agile and customer-centricity principles.
What they say about me
COO & co-fundadora en LactApp
Vanessa is the ideal mentor to have in the first phase of your product. Her experience and entrepreneurial spirit give her a point of view consistent with the status of the project. Vanessa is key to establishing objectives, defining KPIs well, focusing actions on results and evaluation.
myWorkUp - CEO Founder
Vanessa has been our mentor for more than 5 months and I can confirm that she is a very committed professional with great experience in her specialty. We worked comfortably with her. Vanessa is a person with very clear and concise ideas. From my point of view, it has contributed a lot of know-how to the product, facilitating all the strategies.