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Agility & Innovation


Successful companies today are agile, innovative and resilient. They are designed to thrive in unpredictable and uncertain markets. Your organization needs to be agile, customer-centric and interconnected (avoiding silos) to navigate this changing world.

The structures and practices of the 20th century do not help us in the 21st century.

What do we do, then, to be agile, innovative and resilient?

This is achieved with Business Agility, constantly creating and delivering value to your customers, taking into account their changing needs and thus achieving a competitive advantage. Business Agility consists of operational agility (responding quickly and decisively to unexpected opportunities or threats) and change agility (the company’s ability to effect complex internal change when the opportunity or threat overwhelms day-to-day operations).

Digital Transformation makes this paradigm shift possible and is based on a change in technology, processes and culture. With digital transformation we define a roadmap. Digital transformation is global, not only for technology teams, and also involves internal change management.

This transformation is achieved through Innovation, researching which are the most suitable technological solutions for the digitalization and omnichannel nature of your business. Innovation is what makes it possible for digital transformation to enable business agility.

We can help your business to start this path of Business Agility, Digital Transformation and Innovation.

“Change almost never fails because it's too early. It almost always fails because it's too late.” Seth Godin.

Strategy is key to achieving the outcomes (business objectives) you want.

Our experience in defining strategies for our clients allows us to have a process to jointly create the best strategy to achieve your results.

It is key to develop a mindset that includes:

  1. Curiosity about your client (customer-centricity)
  2. Take care of your people (people-centricity) so that they want to work and grow in your company
  3. Leadership capacity, aligned with the purpose of your company

We help you unlock the potential of your organization, being your guide to achieve these new approaches.

The process consists of two parts:

  • Define strategy
  • Assistance in executing the strategy

To define the strategy, we identify what is happening in your company (diagnosis) and do the consulting to achieve the desired improvements (action plan).

To help you execute the action plan strategy, we offer specialized training and advice.

The action plan is divided into the definition and support areas.
Market research and analysis
Strategic business consulting Workforce management consulting
Action plans
Upskilling and reskilling of your workforce
Advice Mentoring
What they say about me
Senior Creative Copywriter and Writer emagister

“Vanessa is the ideal mentor to have during the first phase of your project. Her experience and entrepreneurial spirit give her a coherent point of view with regard to the project. By being close by, facilitating and generating opportunities, Vanessa is the key to establishing goals, defining KPIs correctly, focusing actions towards results and assessing.”

Cesar Perez Montaner
Cesar Perez Montaner
Repsol Digital Transformation - E&P Project Manager at Repsol

In my adventure of understanding the tech world, it has been key the support of Vanessa Estorach. Vanessa provided an overview of the market, the tools, and the promotion strategies. She is helping me to create a roadmap to improve my mobile app. She is knowledgeable, clear, patient and is able to motivate you when needed. I fully recommend her work and hope to keep working with her in the near future.

Mobile Product Owner at eDreams ODIGEO

I have had the pleasure of working with Vanessa on quite a big mobile application where all the user retention and gamification was to be defined. Vanessa did a great job in understanding the goal of the project to come up with a very well defined and fitting user experience. She is very creative and bright, her ideas are well-thought and ingenious. She was able to transform a traditional reading application into an entertaining and audacious one. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for advice.

SharePoint / Office 365 Search & Findability Consultant, Trainer, Mentor, Author, Public Speaker

As a tech entrepreneur, I realized that I needed strategy and marketing support, and that’s why I started working with Vanessa. She has improved our digital strategy, given us clear recommendations how to improve our branding and helped us define the roadmap to follow in order to achieve our marketing goals.
Vanessa has a real strategic insight that allows her to identify key issues of great value. She is also creative, motivating and knows how to transmit her knowledge.