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Mobile Marketing: It’s all about engagement!

Nowadays, many companies have or are working on a mobile app to keep in touch with their users, but developing an app is simply not enough! With more than 2.5 million apps available in the main app markets, mobile application success is no longer measured by installations… Today, the key driver for mobile marketers is engagement, or the ability of generating real interest in app users, which results in higher app usage (app sessions, average time per session, etc.) and longer life time value. Engagement is the basis for conversion and monetization, since engaged users will not only enable app developers to increase their advertising revenues, but they will also be more open to in-app purchases or other app monetization strategies.


In the mobile world, users can uninstall your app in just a few seconds (in fact, 20% of all apps are only used once by users!), so making a mistake in a single marketing activity can have devastating consequences… Therefore, mobile marketing strategies need to be carefully thought and all actions must aim towards adding value to the user community. Either if it’s a simple change in the feature menu or planning new push notifications, all mobile app decisions must be taken after having confirmed that users will get some added value from them. Otherwise, the chances of having a negative impact on users are too much of a risk. When defining your mobile marketing strategy, and especially after achieving a significant user base, it’s better to stay calm until you’re sure that the next step will get you closer to your goals.



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Deciding on the most adequate mobile marketing activities is not an easy task, but taking enough time to evaluate alternatives focusing on those actions that prove to generate a positive response in users will definitely pay off… Making intelligent use of mobile analytics tools will help analyze performance and adjust the strategy, but as long as user engagement increases, you’ll definitely be walking in the path of success. Developing a mobile app is definitely a must for all organizations willing to stay in touch with their users, but this will simply not be enough unless the app generates user engagement while reinforcing the company’s value proposition.


Mobile marketing success is and will be measured by the ability of  apps to generate user engagement… Share with us the most engaging mobile marketing activities you’ve seen on mobile apps, we want to continue learning best practices and will also share the ones the have impressed us the most!


Featured Photo Credit: kohlmann.sascha via Compfight cc